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This blog is for all of you who want to adapt a more vegetarian way of living, without any shortcomings regarding taste, saturation or satisfaction. VEG&Tables stands for healthy plant-based meals where seasonal vegetables, unrefined grains and legumes create small dishes, that become sustainable meals, with influences from all over the world. There are no preparation times mentioned with the recipes because they are created to cherish the time while cooking and gathering. Eating should be a conscious, mindful activity in everybody’s life. Cooking should be a sort of meditation, a way to slow down, to make time and space for peace. The recipes are honest and straightforward with a good balance between healthy dishes and delicious treats. The ingredients are as fresh and unprocessed as possible, although there is nothing wrong with frozen fruit that is not freshly available during a particular season of course. For sweeteners I mainly use honey, coconut blossom sugar, brown cane sugar or mashed fruits to sweeten dishes. In the end, these are also absorbed by the body in the same way as refined sugar and must therefore be consumed in moderation, but at least they contain certain minerals.
As a cook/host I want to be reminded as a down-to-earth and warmhearted person who got a weakness for humble materials like wooden spoons, handmade ceramic bowls and linnen. . Dinnertime should be a moment during the day where people are fully attentive to one another. Attention is namely the rarest and purest form of generosity.

Feel welcome.