Zucchini spinach soup with mango chutney

I promised myself to make more soup this winter because there are only positive things to say about it. The smell that fills the appartment is heavenly, it’s super easy, nutritious, filling and packed with flavour, it nourish the soul and helps use to prevent food waiste ‘cause you can throw anything you want in it.Meer lezen over “Zucchini spinach soup with mango chutney”

Falafel loaf

A meatless savory loaf, packed with chickpeas and vegetables and topped with homemade spicy beetroot ketchup Ingredients for 3-4 persons For the beetroot ketchup: 150g tomatoes 250g beetroots, precooked 1/2 red onion 1 sweet apple 1/2 tsp chili flakes pepper 1,5 tbsp red wine vinegar 1 tsp honey For the loaf: 75g brown rice 20gMeer lezen over “Falafel loaf”

North African Vegiballs

These North African vegiballs tend to create a Moroccan/Tunisian atmosphere through the harissa and ras el hanout. This is a nutritious vegetarian recipe because the quinoa and cashewnuts provide the necesarry proteins, which makes that these balls can act as a substitute for meat. Besides, these balls are multi-employable ‘cause you can put any vegetable, herbs or spicesMeer lezen over “North African Vegiballs”