Voor 6 porties 1 grote ui, gepeld 2 teentjes knoflook, gepeld 800g wortels, geraspt 1cm verse gember, geschild en geraspt 1L groentebouillon 1 eetl kerriepoeder (gemaakt van; kurkuma, korianderzaad, mosterdzaad, peper, nootmuskaat, venkelzaad) chilipoeder zout – 150g gedroogde linzen, afgespoeld – 2 appels verse koriander zaden, pitten en noten sojaroom Snijd de ui in groveMeer lezen over “Carrotsoup”

Zucchini spinach soup with mango chutney

I promised myself to make more soup this winter because there are only positive things to say about it. The smell that fills the appartment is heavenly, it’s super easy, nutritious, filling and packed with flavour, it nourish the soul and helps use to prevent food waiste ‘cause you can throw anything you want in it.Meer lezen over “Zucchini spinach soup with mango chutney”

Coffee overnight oats

  By soaking the oats overnight, they become soggy and more digestible. The flakes can soak in any liquid (almondmilk, applejuice, yogurt) and the toppings are endless. For 1 person: 125g oat flakes 1 tbsp of chia seed 1 tsp flaxseed 1 tsp flaxseed oil 125ml coffee 250ml almond milk 1 tbsp nutbutter 1 tbspMeer lezen over “Coffee overnight oats”

Nuts & Seeds Granola

Granola 4 eetl sesamzaad 6 eetl geschaafde amandelen 2 eetl hennepzaad 2 eetl pijnboompitten 2 eetl pompoenpitten 2 eetl gedroogde cranberries 2 tl kaneel 1 tl kruidnagel 2 eetl honing 2 eetl hazelnoot- of lijnzaadolie → Meng alle ingrediënten in een kom. Verwarm een koekenpan op middelhoog vuur. Voeg de granola toe en bak 2Meer lezen over “Nuts & Seeds Granola”

Apple-cherry yogurt cake

  A semi-light cake to celebrate my birthday. A good tip is to soak the apple slices first in some apple cider vinegar to give this cake a fruity freshness. Ingredients for 10-12 persons · 80g Tagatesse | 50g honey | 250g vegetable margarine | 4 medium eggs | 250g selfraising flour | pinch ofMeer lezen over “Apple-cherry yogurt cake”