Tortellini with basilpesto, pea cream sauce and marinated zucchini

Voor 2 personen Voor de gemarineerde courgette 2 eetl extra vergine olijfolie 1 eetl witte balsamicoazijn citroensap peper en zout Voor de pasta (18 stuks) 200g 00 bloem 2 grote eieren snuifje zout Voor de basilicumpesto 200g basilicum blaadjes 50g pijnboompitten 1 teentje knoflook 50g parmezaan extra vergine olijfolie peper Voor de erwten crème saus… Lees verder Tortellini with basilpesto, pea cream sauce and marinated zucchini

Freekeh salad with Halloumi, nectarines and purslane

Freekeh is a hard wheat harvested green and then roasted. Compared to common wheat, this green wheat contains more protein and nutrient fibers, as well as various vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. This salad is served with purslane which is a leafy vegetable with a freshly sour taste and a source… Lees verder Freekeh salad with Halloumi, nectarines and purslane

Nectarines with rhubarb-cherry coulis

Voor 4 personen 2 nectarines granola Voor de coulis 110g rabarber 150g kersen 100ml water 1 tl vanille-extract 30g honing 50ml witte Port Voor de mascarpone 100g mascarpone 2 tl amandel-extract → Maak eerst de coulis. Snijd de rabarber in ringen van 2 cm en ontpit de kersen. Doe samen met het water, vanille-extract, honing… Lees verder Nectarines with rhubarb-cherry coulis

Falafel with Halloumi and red currants

For 12 pieces (2-3 persons) For the falafel 100g Halloumi 150g chickpeas, canned 50g red currants 1/2 ripe avocado 1 shallot 1 clove garlic 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds 1 tbsp hemp seeds 1 large tbsp quinoa flakes 1 tbsp za’atar 1 tbsp chickpea flour ˜ For the salad mixed salad parsley basil a few red… Lees verder Falafel with Halloumi and red currants

Couscous salad with halloumi

For 2 persons Halloumi cheese For the couscous 250ml vegetable broth 150g spelt couscous 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1/4 lemon juice 1 tbsp coriander seeds 1/2 tbsp cumin seeds 1/2 tbsp fennel seeds For the salad mixed salad leaves 2 tbsp green beans 4 radishes, cut into slices 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds 2 tbsp… Lees verder Couscous salad with halloumi

Lentil-lemon risotto with fennel

For 4 persons  1 shallot 1 tbsp olive oil 300g dried green lentils juice from 1 lemon 0.5l vegetable stock 1/2 fennel 30g grated parmezan cheese 1 tbsp vegetable margarine 1 tbsp mascarpone pepper to taste → Preheat the oven to 180°C. Soak the lentils for 30 minutes in water. Cut the shallot fine and… Lees verder Lentil-lemon risotto with fennel