Buckwheat porridge

Ingredients for 2 persons: · 125g buckwheat seeds | 400ml or 1 1/4 cup almond milk | 1/2 tsp grounded cinnamon | 1/2 tsp vanilla-extract | 1 tsp grounded laos or ginger | pinch of salt | 100g cherries | 30g chopped pistachios | 2 tbsp bee pollen (optional) | 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds | 30gMeer lezen over “Buckwheat porridge”

Buckwheat granola

The seed of oats contains more fat than that of other cereal plants (7% instead of 2%), but that’s also the only “negative” thing. Oats contains all the essential amino acids and a high concentration of auxins (antioxidants). It also has a low glycemic index and above, it contains beta-glucans (soluble dietary fiber), which scientificallyMeer lezen over “Buckwheat granola”