Voor 6 porties 1 grote ui, gepeld 2 teentjes knoflook, gepeld 800g wortels, geraspt 1cm verse gember, geschild en geraspt 1L groentebouillon 1 eetl kerriepoeder (gemaakt van; kurkuma, korianderzaad, mosterdzaad, peper, nootmuskaat, venkelzaad) chilipoeder zout – 150g gedroogde linzen, afgespoeld – 2 appels verse koriander zaden, pitten en noten sojaroom Snijd de ui in groveMeer lezen over “Carrotsoup”

Winter salad

This is the second recipe that I created with the AirFryer xxl from Philips®. Freekeh is a hard wheat harvested green and then roasted. Compared to common wheat, this green wheat contains more protein and nutrient fibers, as well as various vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. This recipe is super fastMeer lezen over “Winter salad”

Red beet falafel with apple and celeriac

So winter wonderland has officially arrived and that asks for some heartwarming dishes. Luckily for me, I recieved an AirFryer xxl by Philips®, from Collishop®. The first thing that I wanted to try out were vegetable chips because I had a whole bunch of turnips and beets. The AirFryer works super fast, it’s multifunctional andMeer lezen over “Red beet falafel with apple and celeriac”

Hazelnut-Parsnip soup with kalepesto and crispy kale

  ∝ I was thinking about the soup I could make for Christmas Eve and if it was possible to make it with some nuts. So I just threw some parsnips and hazelnuts in the cookpot and the combination was wonderful! Creamy, subtle and not heavy at all. Served with kalepesto and crispy baked kale chipsMeer lezen over “Hazelnut-Parsnip soup with kalepesto and crispy kale”

Tortellini with carrot, pumpkincream and sage

For 2 servings  For the pasta dough 125g wheat spelt flour 75g semola di grano duro 2 eggs, M 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil For the filling 2 carrots, medium 1 sweet potato, medium 1 pear 2 tbsp almond flour 1/2 tsp fennel seed, ground pinch of pepper For the sauce 2 tbsp oliveMeer lezen over “Tortellini with carrot, pumpkincream and sage”

Zucchini spinach soup with mango chutney

I promised myself to make more soup this winter because there are only positive things to say about it. The smell that fills the appartment is heavenly, it’s super easy, nutritious, filling and packed with flavour, it nourish the soul and helps use to prevent food waiste ‘cause you can throw anything you want in it.Meer lezen over “Zucchini spinach soup with mango chutney”

Tortellini with basilpesto, pea cream sauce and marinated zucchini

Voor 2 personen Voor de gemarineerde courgette 2 eetl extra vergine olijfolie 1 eetl witte balsamicoazijn citroensap peper en zout Voor de pasta (18 stuks) 200g 00 bloem 2 grote eieren snuifje zout Voor de basilicumpesto 200g basilicum blaadjes 50g pijnboompitten 1 teentje knoflook 50g parmezaan extra vergine olijfolie peper Voor de erwten crème sausMeer lezen over “Tortellini with basilpesto, pea cream sauce and marinated zucchini”