Roadtrip through Tuscany

Dear readers, my boyfriend and I went to Tuscany in September for a small road trip. The first days we went to the South and stayed at Simona’s AirBnB in Montegemoli, a small town nearby Pomarance. Simona was a very warm artistic woman who lives there on her own. The view at her place was truly breathtaking, certainly at the golden hour. Looking back, it was actually the most beautiful view of the whole journey. It was also one of the most quiet and peaceful places we had ever been with its plumb olive trees and slender, dark cypresses. Unfortunately the first night I got very sick. We had to call the doctor and apparently I had a gastro-intestinal infection. Therefore I had to stay in bed the next day and we also had to cancel our cooking class (what should have been one of the highlights of our trip). Two days later I felt already much better so we could drive to Radicofina, San Quirico and Montepulciano. We sat the whole day in the car, drove from place to place but it was actually quiet disappointing. The “most beautiful spots of Tuscany” that we saw on the internet were totally not that amazing in real life. Plus, we had no cash money, so it was hard to find a place to eat where we could pay with our visa.

The fourth day we had to say goodbye to Simona. As we said goodbye, she told us to live slowly, to take sufficient time for ourselves and to keep stress under control by leaving the city from time to time. So, we left Montegemoli to go to the North, where we stayed at the AirBnB of Bella in Pignone. Pignone was a very old and small village surrounded by large forests (which were kinda scary during the night because the roads are not illuminated). Bella was also very hospitable (although she couldn’t speak English, only a little bit French). Before heading to Pignone, we were planning to visit Volterra but Simona had told us that the buildings were old and that we beter could visit Lucca. We were so glad that she told us about that city. For us, Lucca is really the pearl of Tuscany. The city is completely walled and surrounded by a beautiful park which gives you a peaceful feeling. The buildings there are also gorgeous with its different soft colors. And don’t let us start about their amazing gelato.

From Pignone we went to visit Cinque Terre, which belongs to Ligurië and consists of five small villages with each its own character and history. Of these five villages, our favorite was Manarola. You can swim there in a clear blue sea, surrounded by small boats and beautiful colored houses.

On our last day we went to Firenze. After being away from the crowds the past days we couldn’t handle the fact of walking there with thousands of people around us. So after two hours we took the car and drove back to Lucca to walk in the park, watching the sunset, and to think about our future, together, in the countryside, with our greenhouse and small chickenfarm.

So if you’re ever planning to visit Tuscany, certainly visit Lucca. Go there without a map, without a plan and get lost in/ in love with this beautiful city.