Winter in Westerlo

Last weekend, a good friend invited me to spent the weekend at his place in Blauberg, a small village nearby Westerlo. From the first minute I arrived, my soul was sold by the beauty of the nature everywhere around us. As I grew up in a farmer’s village I always dreamed of the big city life. Now that I live almost 3 years in Antwerp, I certainly know that I will never be a real city guy. Nature calms me, inspires me and strengthens me. That’s why I thought about moving to Denmark or Sweden one day. But that was before I saw this magical place in Belgium. I’m so glad that I took my Nikon camera with me to capture all the beauty around us. There were horses in the meadow behind my friend’s house that had been neglected by other people. I stroked them and my friend said that it was like I had never seen a horse before, because I took so many pictures of them. The next day we went to the forest, where our shoes and pants were covered with mud, where we saw deer (but they were too fast to take a picture of them) and where we also got lost at one point. And then it started to rain lightly but that didn’t stopped us from walking because the air was so pure and it just gave us more energy. Dear Kristof, I am blessed with you as a friend. Westerlo, see you soon!