Taboulé with Halloumi

Taboulé is traditionally eaten as an appetizer or side dish in Lebanese cuisine. But this nutritious dish can certainly be eaten as a main meal. Plus, you can combine the main component bulgur with every vegetable and fruit you desire. The taboulé is served with grilled Halloumi. This fat and very salted cheese with the texture of meat, goes well with the fresh and fruity taste of the bulgur. 


Ingredients for 2 persons


120g uncooked bulgur | 150g haricots verts | 5 radishes | 1/2 red onion, finely chopped | 50g cherries, pitted and halved | 50g blackberries | 30g grapes | 40g pistachios, chopped | 20g hazelnuts, chopped | a small bunch of green or red basil | a handfull fresh parsley | 1 tbsp extra vergine olive oil | 3 tbsp red wine vinegar | 1/2 tsp ground fennelseeds | pinch of black pepper | pinch of chili pepper | 225g Halloumi | 125g low fat yogurt | 1 tbsp nutoil | 1 tbsp honey

→ Bring 300ml water to a boil in a saucepan. When the water is boiling, add the bulgur and let boil for 15 minutes until the bulgur has absorbed the water. Remove from heat and let cool down a bit. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a pan and stir-fry the haricots verts on high heat for 2 minutes, so they are still crispy. Cut the radishes in small slices. In a large mixing bowl, mix the bulgur with the haricots verts, radishes, olive oil, red wine vinegar, halved cherries, blackberries, grapes, chopped pistachios and hazelnuts, red onion, parsley and basil. Season with ground fennelseeds and pepper. Heat a frying pan without grease. Cut the Halloumi in 0,5cm slices. Grill each side for 4-5 minutes. Meanwhile, make the yogurtdressing by mixing the yogurt with the oil and honey. Divide the taboulé on the plates and arrange the Halloumi on top of it. Serve with some yogurt dressing. I also used a sprinkle beetroot powder to color up the yogurt.