Breakfast jar


My breakfast on a weekday is basically every day the same. But with different toppings there are hundreds of variations possible. So I just throw everything in a jar and I know it looks like a mess. But believe me, my mess is delicious and contains only good nutrients.

Ingredients for the base for 1 person

40g rolled fats | 20g granola (f.e. buckwheat granola) | 10g raisins or cranberries | 1 tbsp flaxseed oil | 60g seasonal fruits or frozen fruits | 125g low fat yogurt

→ So that’s the base. Sometimes I replace the raisins by 1 tbsp raspberry jam. Or I add some bee pollen, soaked chia seeds and/or melted chocolate. You can also heat the fruits for 10 minutes in the oven with some vanilla-extract, which gives you flavored fruit juice as well. There are plenty of possibilities. The best thing is to make this in advance, so the oats are soaked into the fruit juice, which makes them less chewy and better digestible.