Asparagus with pistachios, poached egg and dukkah

For 1 person


5 big green asparagus | 2 radishes | 2 tbsp lemon oil | 1 handful pistachios, chopped | 1 tbsp dukkah | 1 poached egg | fresh parsley | grapes

→ Preheat the oven to 180°C. For the dukkah, check the basics in the index. Line a bakingplate with bakingpaper. Grate the asparagus at the bottom and cut 1 cm of the bottom. Put the asparagus and radishes on the baking plate and sprinkle lemon oil over it. Add also the pistachios. Bake for 15 minutes until the asparagus are tender. Meanwhile, poach the egg. If you find it hard to poach an egg, you can use this simple technique like I do. Put some cling film in a small cup and add a little olive oil, so the eggwhite won’t stick. Add the egg carefully in the whole and tie it in. Bring some water to a boil until you see water bubbles. Turn of the heat (cause otherwise the egg will be cooking instead of poaching) and drop the cling film in the water for 4 minutes. Serve with the roasted asparagus, radishes, pistachios, fresh parsley and grapes. Season the eggs with dukkah.