Dagny Ros x Collishop

So last week, I had the opportunity to meet and cook with Dagny Ros Asmundsdottir and 10 (food)bloggers. It was the lovely Marianne from UPR Belgium who had contact me to participate in this small event, where we had to cook (and eat ofcourse) some recipes from Dagny’s new cookbook Easy Nordic. A bit tired from work and a bit nervous I went to the meetingplace Bureau Cuisine in Melle, nearby Ghent. Once arrived, I felt immediately home. All the people were so kind and interesting and Dagny was the perfect hostess. The whole dinner was based on the Hygge-principle which, for Dagny, stands for cosy meals where you use all the leftovers of the fridge. Just mix some things together, make small appetizers and gather and feast (with the nice tablewear from Collishop).

First there was a heartwarming redbeet soup with applesauce, crunchy salted quinoa and horseradish crème. So simple, yet so delicious. Then there was a huge foodplate with all kind of appetizers: Brie from the oven, dates with bacon and rosemary, lentil hummus, knäckebröd, and this pulled bread, which I helped making. For dessert we made this -not so healthy- baby-Ruth cake, which tasted like snickers, and also like heaven. Specially because I eat rarely sugar. Dessert was served with a tea, composed by Dagny herself. A spicy tea, consisting of red pepper, chilipepper and cranberries.

Thanks a lot for this lovely, peaceful, full-stomach evening. Hope to see those guys soon again and I really can’t wait to organise a foodworkshop myself one day!