Beetroot burger with mango chutney

A burger is definitely something of our generation. To turn a meatburger into a vegetarian one isn’t that simple, although you can put anything you want in it. But the umami taste is necessary when you take the first bite. After some experiences the ultimate tips are revealed: roast the vegetables first and make the burgers and chutney a day ahead, so the flavors can fully mix. To create a full meat substitute you have to be aware that the burger contains vitamin B12 (by adding eggs) and iron (by adding grains and/or legumes). 

Makes 4 burgers 



For the chutney: 1 ripe mango | 2 ripe tomatoes | 1 red onion | 1 cm fresh ginger | 1 medjool date | 1 tbsp olive oil | 2-3 tbsp apple-cider vinegar | 1/2 tsp mustard seed, grinded | 1 tbsp garam masala


For the burgers: 3 medium beetroots | 2 tbsp olive oil | 1 small onion, chopped | 1 clove garlic, crushed | a handfull walnuts, crushed | 1 tsp fennel seeds, grinded | 130g tinned chickpeas | 150g feta | 1 medium egg | 150g oat flakes | peper and salt


For the dressing: 3 tbsp greek yogurt | 1 tbsp tahin | peper and salt | 1 tsp lemon juice

→ First make the chutney in advance. Cut the mango, tomatoes and onion in equal cubes. Chop the ginger and medjool date finely. Heat the olive oil on medium heat and cook the mango, tomatoes, onion, ginger and date 1 minute. Add the grinded musterd seeds and garam masala and mix. Add the vinegar. Turn the stove on low heat and let simmer for 15 minutes with the lid on the pan. Remove from heat, put in a airtight box and refrigerate overnight. Peel and slice the beetroots to make the burgers. Roast them for 10 minutes in the oven at 180°C. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil and sweat the onion and garlic for a minute. Add the walnuts and grinded fennelseeds and cook for another minute. Put this in a foodprocessor, with the roasted beetroots, chickpeas and feta. Pulse, on high speed, for 20 seconds. Transfer to a large mixing bowl. Add the egg and mix. Season with salt and pepper. Add the oat flakes and mix again. Set away in the fridge for an hour (or a night) so the oats can soak up the liquid. Form with your hands or a metal ring 4 patties. Grill the beetroot burgers a couple of minutes on each side. Mix for the dressing all the above ingredients. To serve, take the base of a spelt burger bun. Add some beetroot salad and yogurt-tahin dressing. Put the burger on it. Brush with the chutney and top with some sprouts.