Banana Protein Shake


So today I made my own almondmilk and I used it immediately for my post-workout shake. You can drink it whenever you want and even drink it for breakfast, ‘cause there are only good things in it, duh!


For 1 shake

BASIC: 1 banana | 250ml almondmilk | 2 scoops whey protein (banana flavor) | 3 ice cubes | 1 tsp nut butter

EXTRA: 15g dark chocolate | whipped coconut cream


→ Just blend all the basic ingredients untill smooth. The chocolate at the bottom is just melted chocolate but it firms immediately up when you pour in the cold milk. So if you want the taste of chocolate too, it’s better to chop it first and add it with the basic ingredients in the blender. If you like mocha, you can add 1 tbsp instant espresso powder. If you want to top it with  whipped coconut cream, be aware that you use full-fat coconut milk and that there is no guargum in the ingredients. To make this, you have to put the coconut milk can in the refrigerator overnight. So you can better do this when you soak the almonds for the almondmilk. When you open it afterwards, the coconut cream will be seperated from the coconut liquid. Poor the coconut liquid in a bowl or use it instead of almondmilk in your shake and put the coconut cream in another bowl. Whip that cream and top it on your shake.