Healthy & quick homemade appetizers

So last week it was my twentyfifth birthday. My friends were coming over and I had made some appetizers that I like to share with you guys! So if you are giving a party as well and need some quick and healthy appetizers then this is certainly what you are looking for! The recipes are so easy that you just have to mix everything together!


First of all: tomatogazpacho with cherries and basil.

I got this recipe from the Dutch magazine ELLE Eten and they said that this was delightful and my friends and I can only affirm this. You just have to mix 500g chopped tomatoes, 200g pitted cherries with 40ml extra vergine olive oil, 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, peper and salt in a blender. Then you sieve the mixture and finish with basillicum. Serve cold. Makes 12 small glass.


Second: avacadomousse with prawns

This is actually the same recipe from the stuffed avocado with prawns and sour cream, served on baby lettuce.


And the last appetizers: beet hummus & sun dried tomato basil and brie spread

Mix for the beet hummus 1 precooked, cutted beetroot with 200g chickpeas (canned), 1 chopped garlic clove, 3 tablespoons tahini paste, a sprinkle lemon juice, a few fresh coriander leaves, 100ml water, 2 tablespoons extra vergine olive oil and salt to taste in a blender till smooth.

Mix for the brie spread 200g brie with 130g finely chopped sun dried tomatos, 10 leaves fresh basil, peper and salt.